Improve the quality
of the environment.


• Designated as an innovative product by Public Procurement Service (No. 2020-1-4290238)
• Designated as an excellent product by Public Procurement Service (No. 2018058)
• Small and Medium Business Administration Performance Certification (EPC) No. 19-CAB0007
• 16 invention patents related to contaminant treatment method and device registered
• Registered 4 invention patents related to sewage treatment
• 1 trademark registration
• Venture business (No. 2020010097)
• KS Q ISO 9001:2015 ISO 9001:2015 certification
• Selected as a technology innovation development project by the Small and Medium Business Administration (2004-2005) and judged its success
• INNO-BIZ certification (No. 6024-2657, Class A 150)
• Contaminant Disposal Machine KIMM Evaluation (BS1134-2321.M)
• Accreditation of risk assessment by Korea Safety and Health Agency (No. 13-81-B-75)
• K-mark certification (PB12015-241)
• Water and sewage facility construction business license
• Selected as a priority purchase of excellent inventions by the Korea Invention Promotion Association (No. 2017-1731)

The riskiest thing we can do is just
maintain the status quo.