Wastewater Equipment.

The industrial wastewater equipment is a device that filters, dehydrates, and removes
floating solids, such as fibers, oil, plastics, wood, hair and animal fur, as well as settleable substances,
such as sand and seeds, from organic wastes.

Our product.

Applies technologies that filter as many fine particles as possible and
dehydrates the filtered adulteration to minimize moisture content

Wedge bar
drum filter.

Application of wedge bar
Automatic cleaning and lumping using internal chamber structure

Industrial Wastewater Equipment


Fine filtration

Fine adulteration filtration
using wedge bar drum filter

moisture reduction

Adulteration moisture reduction
technology using a truncated cone
(improved dehydration)

Sand filtration

Sand filtration using
appropriate cyclone

  • Application of wedge bar to filter 90% of 1 mm fine adulteration on average
  • Compression and dehydration of filtered adulteration using a truncated cone with separated rotation and taper angle adjustment (moisture content: 72%)
  • Sand filtration using cyclone

Screw Press.

Truncated cone with separated rotation
Improved filtered adulteration compression and dehydration


100 um (silt) or higher sand filtration function
Application of an optimized dimension rate

Industrial Treatment
Equipment Composition.

It is contained in water,
if there is magic on this planet.