environmental machinery.

Our goal in industrial wastewater treatment is
not just an environment of clean air and water
and scenic beauty. The objective is to create
an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures.

The Earth is what we
all have in common.

Established in January 1991, our company has been playing a leading role in the field of contaminants by creating and continuously developing the Korean-type 『Improper Contaminant Processing Unit, which is suitable for the characteristics of Korean manure, which contains more sand and impurities than advanced foreign countries.

Currently, we are producing innovative products that filter out 1mm of impurities and 0.1mm of sand by developing the 『Improper Disposer』 that can be used in various ways such as filtration of second hand sediment of sewage and pretreatment of livestock manure as well as manure.

We have 16 related patents, and are a professional manufacturer of impurities handling equipment that is continuously researching and developing innovative products from the Public Procurement Service, excellent procurement products, performance certification (EPC), K-marks, and excellent inventions.

SINCE 1991.1.3



Standard approval
and certification

Designated as an excellent product by Public Procurement Service | Performance Certificate (EPC) | K-mark certificate | Certificate of Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business (INNO-BIZ) | ISO 9001 | Risk assessment certificate | Venture Business Confirmation | Construction license for water and sewage facility construction business

Disposal of fine impurities
contained in waste liquid
(Patent No. 537561)

Contaminant treatment
machine with improved
contaminant dehydration
(Patent No. 1495906)

Contaminant Disposer
capable of disposing of
highly concentrated
waste liquid
(Patent No. 1496402)

Advanced handling
device for impurities
(Patent No. 904283)

Contaminant treatment
device with oil and fat
removal function
(Patent No. 848711)

Contaminant treatment
machine with improved
stability of sand filtration
(Patent No. 1495905)

Contaminant Disposal
Machine Using Wedge
Bar Screen
(Patent No. 1729262)

Fiber yarn filtration device
(Patent No. 1002416)

Fiber yarn filtration device
(Patent No. 873896)

Sand and impurities
filtration, dehydration
(Patent No. 1431161)

Method of manufacturing
screw device
(Patent No. 18 57721)

Screw press
(Patent No. 2057218)

Fiber yarn filtration device
(Patent No. 893197)

handling device
(Patent No. 1002418)

Screw device
(Patent No. 1983258)

Screw press
(Patent No. 2088362)

(Trademark No. 366183)

Our technological
powers increase.